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Runway Subcal Runway Subcal manufactures and distributes sub-caliber inserts to enable you to shoot various caliber rounds in your 26.5mm flare gun.  Flare guns have been in circulation since WWI, and can still be purchased today without registration in most states. All of our sub-caliber products are manufactured in the United States. Runway Subcal

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The round slides into the sub-caliber insert
Runway Subcal
The sub-caliber insert slides into the barrel of the flare gun
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The flare gun is now a loaded Title 1 Firearm by definition.
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 .22, .38 Special, .45/.410   Metals and Polymers
  Flare Gun
Common flare guns in circulation - quality all metal
Runway Subcal
 Runway Sub-caliber insert prepares for firing .45/.410 round
  Flare Gun
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Flare Gun Runway Subcal

Runway Subcal Flare Gun Inserts
Runway Subcal flare gun Beam attachment


Runway Subcal Shot Gun Inserts

 BATF Letter - From Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) in reference to sub-caliber inserts.

ATF has determined that these sub-caliber inserts are legal to make your own gun without any permission or serialization. NOTE: Felons cannot own guns. In some states flare guns with sub-caliber inserts are not legal. Be responsible. Educate yourself to your state laws.

Please read & fully understand before use:

The combination of these Sub-Caliber Devices and a 26.5mm flare gun constitutes a title 1 Firearm and should be treated as such when considering safety, legality, possession and ownership. Please read the attached BATF approval letter concerning legality. Transferring ownership of a flare gun that has the Sub-Caliber Device installed could be a violation of Federal, State & Local laws. We do not recommend that you ever do this. These instructions are not to be considered as legal advice. You should always verify your position of ownership and transference with your competent legal counsel.

1. Always treat the Sub-Caliber Device as a loaded firearm and follow basic firearms safety procedures while keeping it pointed in a safe direction.
2. Insert the Sub-Caliber Device into the 26.5mm flare gun barrel. The steel .22 caliber barrel is offset to allow the firing pin to engage the rim of the cartridge.
3. Rotate the device to the best position for you. We recommend that the barrel be at the 12:00 position. This way you know that you will always be shooting a little high.
4. Insert a .22 rimfire caliber cartridge into the chamber of the Sub-Caliber Device. The .22 chamber will accommodate: .22BB,:22CB,.22Short,.22Long and .22Long Rifle Cartridges. Other inserts support .38 special and .45 Long Colt or .410 Shotgun.
5.Keep the muzzle pointed in a safe direction away from people, animals or property.
6. Close the barrel of the flare gun and verify that the latch or locking mechanism is secured.
7. Aim at the target and fire by operating the trigger of the flare gun.
8. Open the flare gun manually and remove the spent cartridge casing with fingers or small knife blade if necessary.
9. Do not store the Sub-Caliber Device loaded. Only load when you are ready to fire.
10. Use only flare guns that are sturdy, safe and in full working condition with our Sub-Caliber Device.
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